How To Lose Weight: Do You Know The First Step In Achieving Lasting Weigh Loss?

Submitted by: Cindy Hochart

There are many reasons you may want to lose weight. If you are over-weight, you are likely very self-conscious about your size and would love to lose weight. You may have tried numerous methods to lose weight. You may have dieted, you may even have succeeded briefly, only to regain the weight when the diet ended and you returned to former lifestyle behaviors. Or you may have tried but failed to make significant impact on the scale.

Being over-weight is so physically and psychologically damaging, that you may have lost the ability to see a future that includes a slender and healthy body. This brief article will provide the first step.

The Decision

In nearly every successful weight loss story, there is point in time when a decision is made that a change is needed. It could be a fateful Doctor s visit, an upcoming social event, or simply a level of dissatisfaction with the current state. However, sometimes, there has been a chronic level of dissatisfaction and the pivotal moment comes with a glimmer of hope. A new learning, product or solution that promises better results and the decision and a plan is made. Without this decision to act, no change occurs.


The Why

Behavior change is hard. Sustained behavior change is harder still. To be successful in weight loss you must constantly remember and reinforce your reasons why . Envision how you will look and feel with the extra weight gone. Imagine the activities and the joy you will feel when you have achieved the new you after achieving weigh loss.

Creating and Sustaining the Vision

An important step in achieving a healthy weight is visualizing and believing in the future you. In all goal achievement, you have to begin to live into (in your mind) the reality you want to achieve before it can and will become the reality in the physical. Create visual cues in your office, home and car that remind you of who you are going to become. Pictures are powerful. Post pictures of not only what you are going to look like but what you are going to be doing and the life you will enjoy when you have achieved your weight loss goals.

Positive Self Talk

The words you say to others and to yourself are powerful. Self-deprecating jokes about your weight or how you look are self-defeating. Instead, use empowering words and thoughts. Speak like you have already achieved your desired weight loss. Develop two or three positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself several times a day, and until you actually believe what you are saying. For example, I am strong and beautiful and I love my life . Make your affirmations meaningful to you. The affirmation should evoke in you a positive emotion.

In the book “The Secret” the author submits that people who are not fat because of what they eat but because of their fat thoughts. They promote not focusing on losing weight because that is in the negative but instead, focus on becoming the slender, slim and healthy version of yourself that you deserve to be. By focusing on the positive and limiting your thoughts to the positive allows you to manifest your future vision.

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