Accelerated Nursing Programs In A Nutshell How You Can Get Your Bsn In 1 Year

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By John Maxted

If you’re ready to get going with a nursing program to enter this exciting and growing field, then you may be looking for some basic information regarding accelerated programs. Accelerated programs for a BSN offer you the same educational experience, only in less time thanks to a quicker pace and bridging courses, allowing you to complete it in well less than half the time.

Nursing programs were the fourth most popular in the U.S. for any field or focus in 2010, according to the most recent surveys. There are many reasons for this, including the demand for new nurses, raising salary levels, and an intrinsically rewarding career. Accelerated programs for nursing cut your studying time down and enable you to get right into the field.

There are literally hundreds of different accelerated BSN programs out there for you to choose from, which most people don’t realize. There are over 230 such options available, and it’s been one of the quickest growing areas offered by schools all across the country.


Another option at your disposal is to choose an accelerated masters program instead of a bachelor’s. This will take you more time to complete, although it will still be shorter than traditional programs of study. You’ll move through the elements of a bachelor’s BSN and then move straight in MSN course work in one cohesive program.

The accelerated BSN allows individuals who already hold a degree in another field to complete a full BSN in as little as 10 or 12 months. Even without that first degree, you can still enroll in a BSN, and it will still take less than half the time that it would take traditionally with an accelerated course load.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, literally over a half a million nursing positions are going to come available through 2018. This is absolutely amazing and it shows the great demand for new nurses in the field, and helps to explain why accelerated options are so popular. You can quickly move through your studies and then get right into that killer job market as soon as possible.

Accelerated programs move ahead quickly thanks to a few different factors. First, you take more classes at once, for a full workload. You also eliminate the long breaks in between semesters or sessions, so you take classes all throughout the year. Then you bridge over your previous coursework to your new area of study. The programs build on the skills and knowledge you already have and teach you how this applies to nursing specifically. Of course you will need to learn all the nursing specific courses to get your BSN qualification and prepare you for your nursing career.

Hopefully by now you have a bit of a better understanding regarding accelerated programs for nursing. If you already hold a degree, you can complete this kind of program in less than a year, or you could choose an accelerated masters. Otherwise, it still takes less than half the time of a normal bachelor’s, and you’ll be entering a popular and growing field with nearly 600,000 jobs coming open in the next few years.

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