Use Rawhide Lamp Shades To Decorate A Rustic Room

Submitted by: Craig Chambers

There is nothing like rawhide lamp shades with their hand stitching and warm tone to make your room the rustic display of southwest style you re looking for. The main features of a western or southwestern living room that brings it life is the lighting and lampshades used along with a few other elements. If it is a rustic look you are after, the character of natural rawhide will add that look and feel with rustic charm. Many people go over board when all that is really needed are a few classic focal points in the room and you will be amazed by what a difference rawhide lampshades make.

If you are starting from scratch, you are in for a lot of fun shopping for the various new pieces you will use, but it is also not necessary. Many styles that may exist in your home d cor now may work just fine with southwest style or western tradition. Your lamps will probably work fine if your budget won t allow a complete change. Remember it is the rustic rawhide lamp shade that will catch the eye and make the difference between modern and rustic or country style.


Rawhide color should be considered as you make the transformation to the look you want. For southwest style it is best to use light colored rawhide shades where as western decorating looks very nice with dark rawhide. For country d cor, either works well and you can even use dyed rawhide shades which are specially suited to arts and crafts style. If you decide to go with southwest or western shades you should use the same style throughout the room for consistency. In a country or more colorful setting you can actually mix the dyed colors or red, green and brown rawhide within the same room. Consider both floor lamps and table or desk lamps with rawhide lamp shades to carry the eye across the room at different levels to tie the theme together. Using rawhide shades in this way will add an interesting appeal.

As with any style, lighting sets the mood so use individual lamps rather than a single overhead light. Then, alter the look of the lighting by using different wattage bulbs in different areas, or use dimmers to achieve the warm soft look so popular in cottages, cabins and log homes. And remember, your rustic lamps will naturally set focal points in the room so use a rawhide lamp and shade wherever light is needed for function. By doing this your rustic room will have a rich natural character that sets the stage for the wonderful southwest rugs, western runners or Indian area rugs and throws as well as other elements you introduce.

You will enjoy experimenting with your lamps and because rawhide lamp shades are natural, each one is unique and can add to your rustic room in a special way as it filters light in varying degrees. Your family and friends will appreciate the rich look and you will enjoy a simple, comfortable quality of life everyday with handcrafted rawhide lamp shades.

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