Signs That A Sprinkler Repair In Spokane Is Needed


The lawn sprinkler system has worked fine for a number of years, and there is every reason to believe it will last for another season or two. Even so, there does seem to be a few things happening that indicate the time has come for a Sprinkler Repair in Spokane. Here are some signs that the homeowner should be aware of, since they do point to the need to call a professional today.

Dry Spots in the Yard

Most of the lawn receives an even saturation of water every time the sprinklers are deployed. There are a few spots that seem to miss out of the watering consistently. That’s paving the way for a few sections of grass to be less than lush. A quick check by a professional may lead to discovering that the sprinkler heads in that part of the system are not rising to the desired level. As a result, the range of the water is inhibited. Once the Sprinkler Repair in Spokane is completed, the dry spots in the yard will be no more.

Too Much Water

At times, the opposite problem will develop. When a sprinkler head is damaged in some manner, it may not disburse the water in an even fashion. This leads to some areas of the lawn receiving too much water. Since that can also cause problems, it pays to have a professional see what can be done to correct the situation. In most cases, cleaning or replacing the heads will be enough to take care of the problem.

The Settings Don’t Work

Lately, the system seems to forget the settings programmed into the system. That leads to the sprinklers not coming on at the desired time of day. A professional can find out what is causing the issue and take whatever action is needed. In some cases, replacing the controls will be the most practical move.

For anyone who believes the sprinkler system is not working as efficiently as it did in the past, call a professional today. After examining the system and seeing it in action, it will be easy to determine what sort of repair is in order. Once the work is completed, the sprinklers will work better than they have in some time.