Wikinews interviews Scott Lucas, Eyal Zisser, Majid Rafizadeh about risks of US military intervention in Syria

Sunday, September 8, 2013 File:Prof. Scott Lucas 1.jpg The United States President Barack Obama announced last Saturday he was seeking Congressional authorisation for military intervention in Syria. Looking for more-qualified input, Wikinews interviewed: professor Scott Lucas, an expert in American Studies, from the UK’s University of Birmingham; the President of the International American Council on the Middle East, Majid Rafizadeh; […]

Useful Guides About Patch Panels

Click Here For More Specific Information On: Commercial Electricity By C. Hunterr Patch panels are sets of plugs and cables. They are connection panels that link the network cables. The facade of patch panel contains ports that are connected to punch down the blocks on the rear side. Ports found on the front part of the panel are utilized to […]

Charlottetown, P.E.I. residents rally to support restaurant

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 The owners of the Noodle House Restaurant of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), Canada were overwhelmed by community support Tuesday when the restaurant overflowed with customers, cards, flowers, and personal pleas to not leave the province. According to CBC News Prince Edward Island, the recent outpouring of support occurred after Tommy and Lina Ko, the restaurant […]

New method of displaying time patented

Saturday, October 14, 2006 An American inventor has patented a pair of new time formats with a footprint less than 50% of that of conventional four-digit time. The more unusual of the two new formats, called “TWELV”, dispenses with numerals altogether. In place of clock hands or digits, the new clock uses color to convey the hour and a moon […]

Eva Hassett, VP of Savarino Construction Services Corp. answers questions on Buffalo, N.Y. hotel redesign

Buffalo, N.Y. Hotel Proposal Controversy Recent Developments “Old deeds threaten Buffalo, NY hotel development” — Wikinews, November 21, 2006 “Proposal for Buffalo, N.Y. hotel reportedly dead: parcels for sale “by owner”” — Wikinews, November 16, 2006 “Contract to buy properties on site of Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal extended” — Wikinews, October 2, 2006 “Court date “as needed” for lawsuit against […]

Accelerated Nursing Programs In A Nutshell How You Can Get Your Bsn In 1 Year

Click Here For More Specific Information On: Conveyancing Gosford Best Conveyancing Gosford By John Maxted If you’re ready to get going with a nursing program to enter this exciting and growing field, then you may be looking for some basic information regarding accelerated programs. Accelerated programs for a BSN offer you the same educational experience, only in less time thanks […]

Space Shuttle Discovery arrives at International Space Station

Saturday, February 26, 2011 The Space Shuttle Discovery, flying the STS-133 mission, has successfully rendezvoused and docked with the International Space Station (ISS) today at 18:14 UTC for what is scheduled to be the final time in its career. Discovery is delivering six astronauts to the orbiting outpost, as well as station parts and supplies including the Permanent Multipurpose Module […]

Pakistan Navy fires test missiles

Saturday, March 13, 2010 The Pakistan Navy has announced the firing of test missiles from ships, submarines, and aircraft during operations in the Arabian Sea. Pakistani officials said that the tests were a display of commitment to the protection of Pakistan and sent “a message of deterrence to anyone harbouring nefarious designs against Pakistan”. The statement, released shortly after the […]

Experts: obesity is a bigger threat than AIDS or bird flu

Friday, September 8, 2006 From September 3 to 8, experts gathered at the 10th International Congress on Obesity in Sydney, Australia, to discuss what they call the worldwide “obesity epidemic”. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 billion people in the world today are overweight, and 300 million of those are obese. “Obesity and overweight pose a major risk […]

How You Can Increase Your Business Reach With Digital Catalogs

Click Here For More Specific Information On: Website Development Professional Designer Port Moresby June, 2014 byAlma Abell The mobility and flexibility of a Digital Catalog has made it an extremely popular source for people to gather information. More and more consumers are relying on various types of digital publications, such as brochures, catalogs and magazines, as well as other materials […]