Knee Pain Relief: Arthroscopic Knee Surgery &Amp; Knee Braces That Help

People will choose an arthroscopic surgical procedure to have an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction or to help treat and evaluate meniscus injuries. Arthroscopy can also help treat cartilage microfracturing in your knee joint as well.

The arthroscope (one of the surgical tools used in the surgery) is inserted into the knee joint through a small incision that your physician will make. An arthroscope is a tool that helps to provide an image for visual inspection and photography of the surgery. This incision is approximately 4 mm (1/8 inch) in length. A second small incision is then made to allow for the surgical instrument, that will be used to work on the affected area in your knee. The procedure can be monitored, as a result of using surgical instruments that are smaller than traditional surgical instruments.

As a result of being less invasive, this procedure can reduce recovery time and can increase the success rate of the procedure. The success rate can rise because there is less trauma done to the joint and its connective tissues. Since it is a less invasive procedure there is also less scarring. In order to make “surgical space” the knee joint will be distended by the use of irrigation fluid. This fluid can sometimes leak into the surrounding soft tissue and cause edema (swelling).


One of the benefits of arthroscopy is that most patients can return home, walking with a pair of crutches the same day, or within 24 hours. Many times people will ask how long it will take to heal, and this depends on the reasons why surgery was needed in the first place. Was it an ACL reconstruction, or a meniscus tear? These two different procedures will vary in recovery time. – A person’s physical condition will also be a factor to consider in regards to recovery time. It is important to listen to your physician, but is not uncommon for athletes in good physical condition to return to normal athletic activities within a few weeks of the procedure. (See your physician for details).

The use of a knee brace after this kind of procedure is a good idea. Although thee procedures are minimally invasive, the reconstructed ACL, for example can benefit from a knee support. These knee braces are significant because the support that they provide may be the difference needed to prevent a future knee surgery. After having a knee surgery, why take any chances?

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