Isabel Mc Namara (The Scar Secret)

Isabel McNamara (The Scar Secret)


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Perhaps the most permanent dermatologic aberration is scarring. There are several kinds of scars and each depends on the cause. There individuals who have hyper-pigmentation and minimal scarring because of acne.

Some people have been in grave accidents and display huge, swollen scars. Keloidal scars are said to be genetic in nature.

If you have a scar in plain sight, you have probably tried to get rid of it with the help of several kinds of medications. It is regrettable that of the hundreds of treatment options, none really brings about the effect that people would like.

This is the main reason why Isabel McNamara wrote the book The Scar Secret. This is an alternative and natural mode of treatment to remove scars, whether it is big or small, old or new, for good.

The Traditional Treatment Options

There are over the counter ointments, oils, creams and pastes available nowadays. You may also have thought of undergoing dermabrasion or laser therapy. Some also turn to chemical exfoliants and peels. The manufacturers of these promise so many things. However, it may cause you more harm than good.

Unfortunately, the first option does not really work. The scientific evidence for this treatment choice is quite dubious. The second set of choice boasts speedy effect but tends to be too expensive. Besides the high price, there are several adverse effects like inflammation and, if you are genetically predisposed, more scars.

Isabel McNamara s The Scar Secret

The Scar Secret, a book written by Isabel McNamara, tackles how the skin works. The fact of the matter is our body can handle any kinds of stress. The only thing you have to do is help your body do this.

Our skin has four tiers and the one found on the surface is called the epidermis. This is the layer which is exposed to the sometimes damaging effect of the environment like too much heat from the sun or cold from the wind.

The good thing is, the body adapts to these environmental changes through replacing the epidermal cells which dies and sheds off. You just don t see it but this happens on a daily basis. If you have scars, your body will act to remove it it s just that the process may take a long time.

Isabel McNamara will help you spur the body s performance if you follow the tips and suggestions that she has for you in her book The Scar Secret. Note though that this is not an instant remedy. However, it will cut the time of the body s natural processes in half maybe even more.

Isabel McNamara is a medical researcher and a skin care specialist. The Scar Secret is available in book stores and can be downloaded as an e-book through the internet.

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