How To Sell Insurance Painlessly

By Susan Mayer

There’s one truth about selling insurance that any decent insurance agent should know about – you won’t last in the business if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is especially true if you’ve already saturated your warm markets, i.e., your family, relatives and friends, and are beginning to tread on the unexplored territory of the cold market. These are people you’d expect to find on social networking websites, or the telephone directory in the old days.

Many insurance agents quit soon after beginning with their cold markets, because the cold market can be that – cold. And you can approach hundreds of people yet convince very few people to take out a policy. There are, however ways to tackle cold market. The rule of thumb across the industry is that you must pre-qualify leads based on the prospect’s actual need for an insurance policy, and if he or she has the money to pay for it. There are some other practical advices, too.

Ask for leads from your friends and relatives


Your family and friends are your best sources of great leads, great leads in the sense that they are people who already trust you by virtue of your association with the people they know. So, if you have an influential uncle, ask him to refer you to some people and you can be well on your way to making great sales.

Research On Your Prospects

Not all prospects are created alike – there are some people who need your product but can’t afford it, some people who can afford your product but don’t need it. There are some people too who need your product and can afford it, it’s just that they don’t know about your product. So, do take your time and find those prospects that only need to know about your product. You’ll make your job easier that way, because then you will only need to convince your prospect about how good your product is.

Appeal To The Emotions

The most effective salespersons will tell you that appealing to another person’s emotions is more effective at convincing him to buy than any rational explanation would. In fact, most people rationalize their purchase after the fact of buying. Love, fear, pride – these are all very powerful emotions. And you need to market your products in such a way that they become emotionally involved in the whole process.

Sign Up With Insurance Leads Sites

You can find them on the Internet, those websites that offer insurance leads , and they are actually looking for sales agents who can close pre-qualified leads for them. In some cases, you will practically just have to sell new products to old clients.

In the United States, insurance agents earn more than the average American family. In 2006, the average agent earned $58,450 while the average family earned just $48,201. But it’s a fact too that many insurance agents quit soon after engaging the cold market. But it really doesn’t have to be that bloody. Just follow the tips above and you’ll make your life a lot easier.

About the Author: Susan Mayer is an insurance broker based in Birmingham, Alabama. Insurance agents are welcome do business with her – she’s more than happy to share sales leads with her agents. It doesn’t matter what state they come from, she has the information. Interested agents may sign up for leads at:


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