How To Properly Curl Your Hair With A Curling Iron

By Kristy Klien

Curls and wavy hair styles are what many women want when it comes to styling, the best and easiest way to achieve this style is by the use of a curling iron. If you have never heard of or not used one before then this article gives you an overview of how to curl hair with curling irons.

The curling iron is a very useful piece of equipment that the professionals and home stylist alike have handy at all times. They are so easy to use that all you need to do is plug them in, heat them up and use to get those beautiful curls. It is so easy to do, that you can use them in the mornings before work or quickly curl your hair before a night out. The best way to use a curling iron is to be prepared the first thing that you should do is plug them in and let them get hot, allow them enough time to get to temperature, this will usually take around 10 – 15 minutes. Remember that in order for the iron to work effectively it is imperative that they get to the correct temperature, too cold and they will not work and you will not get the desired effect and too hot you will burn your hair. Remember that the irons get very hot so when heating them up do not rest them on the floor or on a surface that is liable to melt or burn, it is best to rest them on a ceramic tile or plate, always think of safety first when using electrical products.


If you have washed your hair it is important to ensure that the hair is dry before commencing, so make sure your hair is dry and that you have combed or brushed to remove any tangles. Once you have done this then it is easiest to separate the hair into sections and then clip the hair so it stays separate. Then take a section of hair and remove the clip and slowly take the handle of the curling iron and begin twisting around the section of hair you want to curl. Remember when you are using the iron do not touch the hot part else you will get burnt, now once you have curled the hair onto the iron take it all the way up to the scalp until you can feel the heat coming through to the hair on the outside. Once you can feel the heat then leave it for another few seconds and then unwind the hair from the curling iron, once you have removed the iron then take the clip and place this back into the curl near to the scalp. You should repeat this process for all of the sections of hair that you are curling, generally people will start from the back and move around the sides and then finally curl the front hair.

This process will work for most styles of hair even if you have a short style, if you are looking to get maximum hold for the style then it would be advised to spray your hair before you dry it and then spray again after you have used the curling iron. There are other products which are available to use that are specialist for this type of hair styling and these come in forms of either spray or gels.

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