How To Clear Intestines And Stomach After Festivals To Keep Healthy

When there are toxins in human body, their faces will have acne and the puffiness is inevitable. So, how to recover your body health after eating too much foods in festival? The following tips must be very useful.

Trick 1: Apple

Apple’s cellulose content is higher than normal fruit. It also contains a number of apple pectin, which will soften the stool and be helpful on defecation. However, to those people who have more serious gastrointestinal problems, defecation results of apples are not too obvious.

Trick 2: Black fungus and Yoga


Black fungus is a very good food to clear intestines. Dried food will expand with water and bring more water to intestine. At the same time, a large number of additional or supplementary exercises are also necessary such as yoga.

Trick 3: Drink cold milk with empty stomach

Drink cold milk when you are hungry for the cold stimulation will speed up bowel movements. Milk contains a large number of lactose and many people are lack of the lactase to absorb the milk. So after drinking milk, lactose is not digested into the colon to be excreted rapidly. However, we should know that long-term drinking milk with empty stomach is a certain injury to our health.

Trick 4: Drink honey with empty stomach

Sugars contained in honey are rich and they can absorb water to remain in the intestine. Intestinal peristalsis is the quickest when people eat foods with empty stomach. I have to remind you to use warm water to drink honey, or the nutrition structure will be destroyed.

Trick 5: Eat kelp

Kelp could promote metabolism, reduce blood pressure, decrease heart fat, break pathosis organization and bring down the cholesterol concentration. Kelp contains less sodium chloride but more calcium.

The above five kinds of foods are usual and you can buy them in the market. If you feel discomfort in stomach, you can buy some to adjust your stomach and intestines.

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