Exterior Design Trends

Submitted by: Gabriel Meriwether

There s a new niche in the design field. Exterior designers are popping up everywhere and they are filling the gap made in the trend to create more elaborate outdoor living spaces. Having knowledge that lies between traditional interior designers and landscapers, this new field supplied professional assistance in creating areas which seamlessly integrate the interior of a home with its outdoor surroundings.

DIY for outdoor areas will always remain popular for smaller projects, but when it comes to making a major addition in lifestyle, these designers are worth their weight in gold. Beyond expertise in outdoor furniture styles and fabrics, they bring knowledge about constructing such things as outdoor fireplaces, entertainment areas and elements which neither interior experts nor landscapers may know about.

While it is a relatively new field, many began by giving advice on exterior gutters and doors but expanded their knowledge to include all areas that bridge interior and landscape design knowledge. And with more and more consumers opting to expand this area of their property, it is a busy niche indeed.


To make a successful and useful outdoor living area, it is necessary to combine two different types of knowledge, and that s what makes this profession so different. The elements in outdoor living spaces are infinitely different in the way they are designed and affected. The requirements are very different.

There are local ordinances as well as technical requirements that are very different from interior spaces. Understanding how outdoor appliances get their power sources as well as what protection is needed from the weather incorporates many things different from a standard kitchen. Having the experience can often open up possibilities that neither a home owner nor an interior designer can have.

The latest trends and their uses are also an important aspect of exterior design work. Knowing the latest items on the market can provide solutions, and can aid in making an exterior living area as fun to use as it is practical. This is also important if an outdoor area is being designed long after the interior was decorated.

With television channels like HGTV promoting the outdoor area as a continued living space, there better reason to understand the field of exterior design. Not only is there more interest in this type of design, but there s a need for it as well. The economic instability is causing more homeowners to nestle in and stay home so using their property advantageously makes perfect sense.

Transforming patios, terraces and even raw lawn into a livable, useable space may beyond the usual DIY efforts. Integrating doors, windows and grass into one seamless entity can take a fresh look at existing structure and space. This is where the exterior designer can be invaluable. They are a fresh set of experienced eyes.

When attempting to create and use this type of space, the work isn t as easy as it might seem. Incorporating weather factors, existing plant and lawn features and even local insect problems can all affect the approach to design. Exterior designers bring the type knowledge needed to meld it all together.

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