Chinese Data Improves

Submitted by: Trader J Howell

Chinese data is showing signs of improvement and the data from these Asian equities is showing signs of turn around in the past few months. PMI, manufacturing from most of the major economies in Asia are showing signs of reversal and the markets are starting to factor in these improvements in the economy by moving up in the past few months.

This country s manufacturing index is starting to stabilize at that 50 mark and that is a great sign for the economy. The manufacturing and PMI in these parts of the globe is moving up and that is one of the reason why these markets outperformed the rest of the world markets in the recent past.

In a note released yesterday, The National Bureau of Statistics, said, Output has stayed above the 50-mark, showing that the manufacturing industry appears to maintain growth expectations, but the rate of growth has weakened.

Many analysts feel that the Chinese economy is improving as they are reporting some good numbers on the manufacturing and factory data. This trend is likely to follow in the first half of the next fiscal year. Yesterday, the United States markets rallied and hard and that is another reason, why these markets are so stiff and strong today. The United States markets along with the global markets are cheering the fact that the deal has been approved and that would pump in good money in to the United States government.

Ron Florance, managing director of investment strategy for Wells Fargo Private Bank, said, The worst news could have been the president coming out and saying, ‘We don’t have a deal and we’ve giving up,’ and he didn’t say that. My personal skepticism, I don’t trust anything out of Washington until it is signed, sealed and delivered, and it is not signed, sealed and delivered.

This movement in the major economies across the world sparked a trend in these Asian equities and the data from China added fuel to the fire. Most of the analysts thought that the markets will not be able to move higher as most of them anticipated that the deal will not go through.

But when the President came out and confirmed the deal clearance, the markets started to rally and they rallied hard to close around 2 percent higher. Obama said in a note, While neither Democrats nor Republicans got everything they wanted, this agreement is the right thing to do for our country and the House should pass it without delay.

The government really needed some improvement in its revenue and this will surely help the government to generate more tax revenue. He also added, There’s more work to do to reduce our deficits, and I’m willing to do it. But tonight’s agreement ensures that, going forward, we will continue to reduce the deficit through a combination of new spending cuts and new revenues from the wealthiest Americans.

Chinese investment spending is also on the rise and that will help the economy to grow better in the nearby future. So, all together, we are poised for a great and interesting year ahead.

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